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4 Tips to Help Avoid Drunken Driving

If you need a car but do not have enough money sitting in your account, consider participating in online salvage car auctions that feature used and repossessed cars. Next, you need to get the car repaired and examined and can drive it legally only after the vehicle is awarded a new title. Your responsibilities as a driver and a car owner do not end here. When driving, you must be very careful and obey traffic rules. You also have to keep in mind that driving and drinking do not mix. When on road, you need to act responsibly and must never get behind the steering wheel in an inebriated state. In the U.S. three people are killed every two hours in DUI related crashes. If you have a hard time staying away from your car after a drinking party with friends, relax! Help is here. Scroll down for tips to avoid drinking and driving.

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1. Assign a Designated Driver

Usually in every group, there is a teetotaller. If your group has one, appoint them as a designated driver. If this is not the case, request each friend from the group to take turns volunteering or draw straws to determine the DD for the next party. Make sure the DD for the day does not drink. Keep the contact info of the DD handy, so that you can call them when it’s time to leave.


2. Leave Your car at Home

If the venue is close to your home, get there on foot. When drinking at home, to ensure you do not drive in an inebriated state, give your car keys to a responsible friend. Getting to the venue without your car can be inconvenient at times, however, it is a small price to pay and can help you and others stay out of the ER.


3. Use Public Transportation

To reach home after a party, take public transport instead of driving. Research the public transportation routes in your area and make sure the service hours match with the schedule for your return travel. The routing for some public transits may change during the night and they make skip some stops, which is why it pays to be doubly sure that your stop will be available. Avoid taking public transport lalone if you are too drunk. Instead use the buddy system and travel with your friends to stay safe. If you are unable to find public transit, book a cab.


4. Stay Where you are

If all of your friends are drunk or you are unable to find public transit, request the host to let you stay at their place for the night. If you are at a bar, walk with your friends to the nearest motel and book a room, where you can spend the night.


Stay Safe This Party Season

Drinking and driving is a major concern in the U.S. Many precious lives are lost every year due to the reckless actions of drunken drivers. Follow these tips to avoid accidents due to drunken driving and landing on the wrong side of the law. After the party, consider calling someone you trust and request them to pick you up.


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