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5 Unique Features That Make Riding the Porsche Cayman, an Awesome Experience

The German automobile industry is probably one of the most innovative ones in the world, and one brand from the Deutschland, does outshine its competition with its charm and artistry, that is Porsche. Promising what could be the most delightful offering from them, we have the Cayman, which surely captures the onlookers’ gaze with exceptional ease and is wonderful to drive. Let’s take a look at the five most interesting features of the Cayman that make riding it such an incredible experience-

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1. Integrated dry-sump Lubrication

In the Cayman, the oil tank is located inside the engine assembly, thereby eliminating any need for an external oil tank. Integrated dry-sump lubrication does ensure a reliable supply of oil even when the vehicle is undergoing powerful lateral acceleration. This feature reduces power losses and increases the efficiency of the engine with the help of an electronically controlled oil pump, which supplies the lubricating points inside the engine when required. Additionally, the engine assembly has certain cooling functions as a result of this fuel economy optimization.


2. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

No matter what the road conditions or the driving styles are, the PASM continuously regulates the damping force for each wheel. There are sensors equipped in the design of the vehicle, which record all movements of the wheels, and assist in an intelligent adaptation of the damping assembly’s stiffness to achieve even lesser roll and pitch on distraught roads. There are two driving modes in the Cayman to choose from, the Normal mode and the Sports mode. While the suspension is set to a harder damping setting to cater to smooth roads, the damper setting in the Normal roads are less firmer and address the uneven roads with surprising prowess.


3. Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)

In the Direct Fuel Injection assembly, there are multi-hole injectors delivering fuel directly inside the combustion chamber, thereby optimizing torque, emissions, power output, and fuel consumption. With the availability of multiple fuel injections, the catalytic converter reaches optimum operating temperature earlier after a cold start and better top-end torque rating.


This fuel-injection assembly is done by an electronic engine management system, which ensures a higher compression ratio inside the combustion chamber, and thus, greater power delivery and increased engine efficiency. Additionally, the Cayman has Lambda sensors to monitor the emissions.

4. Thermal Management

During the warm-up phase of any car, it’s crucial to regulate the engine’s temperature and frictions losses occurring in the gearbox. The Cayman has a provision of purposeful heat flow control and on-demand, sustained activation of multiple cooling circuits, which bring the engine and gearbox up to the optimum operating temperature quickly. The car has a cross-flow cooling system, similar to that used in motorsports, which avails coolant to each cylinder uniformly, and provides protection to the valves against thermal overload and untimely wear.


5. Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

The PSM maintain stability and traction of the Cayman, automatically, during the dynamic driving performance. There is an array of sensors, which monitor the yaw velocity, direction, and lateral acceleration of the car continuously. This information is used by the PSM to provide selective braking on each wheel when required. Additionally, the PSM integrates with antislip regulation (ASR), and automatic brake differential(ABD) features to provide better traction over uneven roads. The Cayman also includes an engine drag torque control (EDTC) feature in the PSM, which assists in the precharging of the brake system.


Bottom Line

The Cayman provides unbelievable driving experience, not only over metalled highways but also over uneven roads, thanks to its inspired design and path-breaking innovative features. Coming with a hefty price tag, however, some might find owning a brand new Cayman an expensive affair. To such buyers, there’s a second option of salvage car auctions, which offer Porsche’s car models, including Cayman, at an extremely competent bidding price. All you need to do is to complete all the prechecks of the car with the help of a professional and start bidding.

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