A Beginner’s Guide to Junkyard Car Rebuild

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This post is for the wrench turner inside you. Buying a new car may be fun, but is it more fun than building your own car from the ground up? Give flight to your imagination, envision a car and make it come to life. You could make a monster truck, hot rod, or a dragster. Aesthetically, your car is your canvas. Design it and paint it the way you imagine it. Making a junkyard car is all about making different parts sourced from various cars work with each other seamlessly. To build a car from scratch, you can find the essential car parts in a free car auction or on auto auctions online. This post is an outline of how to go about making your own car out of a junkyard.


Do Your Homework

Do your research, figure out what kind of vehicle you’re planning to build and for what reason. The climatic conditions, the terrain must be kept in mind. Read up on the basics of different kind of engines and their pros and cons. Find out what kind of electronics are compatible with what ECUs. Understand the concept of fabricating, retrofitting and other basics.


Know the Junkyard Styles

There are two main categories that junkyards can be classified into. One type of yard is called “pick and pull”, in this type of junkyard you get access to the cars and their parts, but must pull the parts off of the car you desire. The other junkyard type is called a “full service” this type of junkyard will use their in-house mechanics to strip the part for you and have it delivered at the reception.


Look for a Seller

With your needs in mind, call your yard and find out what they specialize in. They might deal in domestic brands only, Japanese brands or vintage vehicles. For example, if they deal primarily in German brands, they’ll be bound to have a lot of luxury car performance parts such as the Fuel injectors, ECUs. Ask them to update you when a new lot of wrecked or salvage cars come in.


Apply Your Skills

Building a Junkyard car is all about using logic and creativity in the right proportions. If you’re building from the ground up, essentially you start with a healthy set of wheels and a chassis. Now depending on your need you retrofit the engine on to it. Build your own body by using industry grade sheet metal. Add the transmission and the suspension according to the terrain in question. You can outsource the electrical and electronics work. If you are a newbie, be sure to have someone experienced around you to help you along.



Building your own junkyard car is the most liberating experience. But it can be a bit daunting at the same time. Find a reputable trustworthy junkyard. Read up on the matter at hand and work your way around problems. Slowly and steadily you will get the hang of it. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


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