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Challenges Associated With Getting a Salvage car Insured and Ways to Overcome Them

Cars today come with a number of safety and stylish features. While these additions can turn heads and help you arrive in style, you will also have to dig deep into your pocket. If you do not want to spend a substantial amount, consider buying auction salvage cars for sale. Many online car auctions showcase salvage cars of different makes and models that are offered at dirt cheap prices. Salvage car owners, often face problems getting an insurance cover for their vehicle,. In such cases, detailed research and proper planning can hold the key to success. If you are thinking of buying a salvage car, do not let difficulty in getting insurance be a dealbreaker. To help you, the posts lists some problems you may face when shopping for an insurance cover for your car and how you can overcome them. Take a look.

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Challenges in Getting an Insurance Cover

A car is provided a salvage title when the repairs exceed the vehicle’s market value. The insurer writes off the car as a total loss. Many insurers hesitate covering salvage cars as they do not know how to value the vehicle. Some others may offer liability coverage but refuse comprehensive and collision coverage. Many insurers may refuse to cover cars declared total loss by them but would offer coverage for vehicles totaled by other insurance companies.


Steps That can help Improve Your Chances of Getting Coverage

Shop Around

Get price quotes from multiple insurers. Look for companies that cover vehicles totaled by other insurers. Shopping around will help you get a quote according to your budget.


Talk to Your Current Insurer

If you already have a policy, talk to your service provider. Consider visiting them at their office with payment receipts and other documents that show you in a good light as the company’s client. Explain how you have been paying your premium on time and intend to do the same should the provider agrees to cover the salvage car.


Be Ready to pay a Higher Premium

Many insurers will need some incentive to extend the coverage offered by them. There are good chances that an insurer offering collision coverage will demand a higher premium. If the amount is not unrealistically high, it is advisable that you take the offer.


Collect all the Necessary Documents

Collect all the necessary safety and other documents provided by local authorities to prove that the vehicle is safe to drive. These documents can help you get a good deal when shopping for insurance.


Get the Original Repair Estimate

If possible, get the original repair estimate that documents the cost of every repair performed. Use the estimate as a proof that all the damages have been repaired.



Follow these methods to improve your chances of getting insurance for your salvage car. If getting comprehensive coverage is an uphill task, opt for liability insurance only. To learn about the nature and scope of the coverage, read the policy carefully and do not hesitate from asking questions.

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