Looking for a Roomy car? Here are Your Top 4 Options

You know it’s time to get a new car when your family expands or kids grow up often complaining about how they hardly find any extra space to spread out in your old car. Traveling in cramped cars is a pain, not only for the back seat passengers but also for the front seat ones. A long journey in a not-so roomy car can be an unpleasant experience, often leaving the passengers with a sore back or a sprained neck. If you do not want to buy a new car, visit online salvage car auctions that feature salvage cars for sale. To help you make the right moves when buying a used car with a roomy interior, the post lists some vehicles with the most legroom. Take a look.

1. Tesla Model S


Regardless of whether you have been a fan of electric vehicles, Tesla Model S is almost certain to impress, especially if you are looking for a car with ample cabin space. Unarguably one of the roomiest cars on the market, Tesla Model S is known for its cutting edge safety features and exhilarating performance, making it one of the best options to consider in the league of premium vehicles that don’t cost a fortune.

2. Skoda Superb

Superb has been Skoda’s flagship family car for quite some time now. Superior fuel economy, stylish designing and refinement are some of the reasons why buyers love this car. However, it’s the roomy interiors that made the car an instant hit among families. The car also has plenty of space in the front. With a boot space of 625 litres at your disposal, feeling cramped for space when arranging luggage will be a thing of the past.

3. Mercedes E-Class


The E-Class is one of the most roomy cars in its segment . The front seats offer plenty of space even for tall passengers. Thanks to the E-Class’s longer wheelbase, rear seat passengers get enough leg space to stretch out. The car also features more headroom as compared to many of its contemporaries. The E-class comes with a 540-liter boot space, which is considerably more than most of its rivals.

4. Volkswagen Touran


If you love multi-purpose vehicles and are looking for a car designed specially keeping passenger comfort in mind, the Touran deserves your attention. The car comes with a foldable third row of seats, that when deployed transform it into a seven seater. When not in use, the foldable row offers generous boot space. The supportive seats offer superior passenger and driver comfort and the open interiors facilitate cross ventilation.

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport


Combining the best of both worlds, the Discovery Sport is both spacious and stylish. The five-seat format of the car is the most comfortable offering a generous most amount of leg space and boot space. The car also offers a good amount of seat adjustment. The Discovery Sport comes with a third row of seats, that when deployed consumes a good part of the boot space.


When it comes to offering superior legroom, many of these cars are leaders in their respective segments. Some other cars with roomy interiors are: SEAT Alhambra, Mercedes S-Class LWB and Ford Mondeo. When buying these or any other salvage cars, inspect the vehicle thoroughly. If necessary, request your mechanic to accompany you asking them to provide inputs on whether the car is a good buy.

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