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Top 3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Car’s Brakes

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Many people who have a fixed budget opt for a New Jersey salvage car auction to grab the best deal. It is, however, also important to take care of the vehicle you purchase from auto auctions and make sure you know when certain vehicle parts may require inspection. If you have a new or salvage car, it is important to understand and know when to get your brake system checked and whether or not a new brake system is needed. This blog covers the three major signs you need to look out for to change your vehicle’s brakes. Let’s dig in.


Low Brake Pressure

When applying the brakes, if they feel loose or soft, then it may be a cause for concern. A loose brake pedal usually indicates low brake pressure. With this, the pedal movements needs to be increased to stop the vehicle. Another concern you need to keep in mind is that, with this issue, the vehicle may take longer to completely stop. The delay in breaking time can be a result of a number of factors, such as leaking calipers, brake lines and cylinders, or the presence of air in the entire braking system. Keep in mind these factors and make sure you get your brakes analyzed and changed immediately.


Brake Noises

A squeaking sound every time the brakes are applied is a common issue. Such braking noise can mean a lot of things, either they are worn down or too dirty. If there is no change in the braking performance of your vehicle, but there is a squeaking sound whenever you apply the brakes, chances are you need to get the braking system cleaned. It is, however, important to note that if the brake noise is too loud, a thorough inspection of the braking system is important. Worn down brakes are a threat to your safety and needs to be resolved instantly. It is, therefore, crucial for you to keep these points in mind and make sure you take required action in time.


Shaking Steering Wheel

The most common issue many people face is the shaking of their vehicle’s steering wheel when applying the brakes. It is, however, important to note that this isn’t always a sign that the brakes are in bad condition, it usually means that the brakes are deformed. Get your brakes checked immediately, as the longer you wait, higher are the chances of replacing the entire brakes rotor system.


Final Words

Knowing when to change or be cautious of a buy from a New Jersey salvage car auction is important to make an informed decision. It not only makes sure your vehicle has the perfect braking system, but also ensures your safety. It is, therefore, crucial to keep these things in mind and act accordingly to have a safe and reliable braking system installed in your vehicle. 


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